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Mehmet Eren Çelik

I am an enthusiastic and self-taught front-end developer dedicated to creating beautiful and functional websites.

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Hello! My name is Mehmet Eren Çelik and I am a self-taught developer. I am passionate about web development and front end. I graduated from law school in 2021, but during the Covid era and while doing my legal apprenticeship, I became interested in web development. I have been studying full-time on this field since june 2022.

I started with learning HTML & CSS and during this process, I also learned technologies like JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, Next.js, and Remix.js. Most recently, I have been learning Dart and Flutter as a Trainee at Oyun ve Uygulama Akademisi since December 2022. Constantly improving myself and learning new technologies is essential for me.

As I continue on this passionate journey, I enjoy working and developing myself. I will continue to improve and learn in the future as well. Collaborating with people who share this passion would be a great pleasure for me.

I would also like to share some of the projects I have worked on along the way. You can take a look at the list below and learn more about my projects.














Full Stack E-Commerce Website (Sourdough)

Sourdough represents a full-stack e-commerce website developed using Express-based microservices and Next.js, accepting payments through Stripe. Users can shop, manage their carts, and admin users can edit products and create promotions.

Next.js 13TypeScriptExpressMySQLDockerKubernetesRabbitMQ

Recipe Cost Calculator

Recipe Cost Calculator: Track recipe expenses and calculate costs effortlessly. Simplify your recipe cost management with this intuitive web app, featuring ingredient price tracking, inventory management, and insightful reports

Next.js 13TypeScriptTailwindPrismaMySQL

Online Movie and TV Database

IMDB-C is a movie and TV shows database website created with TMDB api that allow users to search for movies and TV shows, rate them, add them to their watchlist, and mark them as favorites.

Remix.jsTypeScriptChakra UIFramer-MotionNode-Vibrant

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"Hello World"

Hello, welcome to webdeveren. In this first blog post, I will talk about myself a little and talk about what I plan to write about on the blog.

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